Registered International Sports Physical Therapists

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Applying for Registration as a Member of a Member Organization with an Approved Accreditation System

Members of approved countries – those with established national pathways – may apply to be recognized as a Registered International Sports Physical Therapist simply by purchasing a five-year registration certificate for 50 euros. These individuals are pre-approved. Your membership within your country’s specialist pathway will be confirmed, and your certificate e-mailed to you for printing and display.

These countries include

  • Australia – APA Sports Physiotherapist Title Program
  • Denmark
  • Ireland: Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists, Level 3 Accreditation in Sports Physiotherapy
  • New Zealand: Complete the Specialisation Pathway through the Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand. Must complete specialisation in the Musculoskeletal Category with the subcategory area of specialisation in Sports Physiotherapy
  • The Netherlands
  • United Kingdom: Continuing Professional Development Level 3, Gold
  • United States: APTA Sports Certified Specialist

Follow this link to the application and payment form.