Infographics: Oral Competition

Six abstracts have been chosen for the oral competition at The Fourth Congress of Sports Physical Therapy . We here bring you the finalists’ infographics. Enjoy!

Ms. Marianne Christensen

Long-term prognosis of individuals with plantar heel pain

Professor Wesam Saleh A. Al Attar

The FIFA Injury Prevention Programs Reduce the Incidence of Groin Injury: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

Ms. Andrea Bruder

Quantifying gender differences after an anterior cruciate ligament injury: a systematic review and meta-analyses of 122,839 adolescents and young adults

Ms. Morgan Potter

Symptom duration is not of relevance for injury severity or recovery with treatment in Achilles tendinopathy

Ms. Marion Crouzier

Force and moment arm distribution between the vastus medialis and lateralis in adolescents with patellofemoral pain