Target Researchers/ Teachers

Ms. Joanne Parsons

Exploring students' participation in and perceptions of resistance training in their high school weight room

Mr. Satoshi Arima

The relationship between the intrinsic foot muscles and plantar fascia in repetitive rebound jump and jump landings in adolescent athletes

Ms. Anna Hafsteinsson Östenberg

The association between sense of coherence, physical fitness and activity level in Swedish adolescents: an analysis of gender differences

Mr. Tsubasa Tashiro

Characteristics of falls among men’s wheelchair rugby players in the Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 Summer Paralympic Games

Mr. Søren Storm

Explanation, but not the specific diagnostic label, is important for patients with shoulder pain

Ms. Angela Blasimann

Acute anterior cruciate ligament rupture: neuromuscular control during stair descent and anterior tibia translation

Mr. Martin Alfuth

Age-related hip joint flexibility and hamstring extensibility in adult nonprofessional table tennis players: An exploratory cross-sectional study

Mr. Bruno Tassignon

Acute peripheral fatigue induces brain activity changes during predefined and reactive balance tasks.

Mr. Kiyokazu Akasaka

Immediate effects of hip foam roller and stretch on golfers’ driving performance

Mr Guillaume Servant

2D kinematic analysis software: reliability and application in running

Mr. Jo Verschueren

Adaptability and neurocognitive functional performance: physical fatigue negatively affects accuracy in the reactive balance test.

Mr. Daniel Rhon

Predictive Models for Musculoskeletal Injury Risk: Why statistical Approach Makes All the Difference

Mr. Shogo Tsutsumi

The forefoot transverse arch and dynamic posture stability classified by maturity offset in Japanese adolescent athletes

Mr. Jente Wagemans

Rehabilitation strategies for lateral ankle sprain do not reflect established mechanisms and risk factors for re-injury: A scoping review

Ms. Emily Bell

Does land-based exercise-therapy improve physical activity in people with knee osteoarthritis? A systematic review with meta-analyses.

Ms. Kate Rademaker

An analysis of burnout and availability of wellbeing and mental health support among healthcare professionals working in the sporting environment.

Mr. Alexandre Maricot

Brain plasticity in patients with lateral ankle sprain and chronic ankle instability: a systematic review

Mr Rodrigo Ribeiro de Oliveira

The predictive validity of the Brazilian Adductor Performance Test for the risk of hip adductors injury in elite soccer athletes

Mr. Paul Swinton

Comparative efficacy of exercise, non-exercise and combined therapies for the management of tendinopathy. A systematic review and network-meta analysis.

Mr. Mohamed Abdulla Husain

Application of an Online Prevention Protocol Reduces Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries Risk Factors Among Female Athletes

Ms. Meredith Chaput

Transient Experimental Knee Deafferentation Impacts Sensorimotor Neural Activity for Knee Motor Control: A Preliminary Analysis

Mr. Rodrigo Scattone Silva

Asymmetrical Loading within the Patellar Tendon after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (ACLr) using Patellar Tendon Graft: Case Report

Ms. Kathleen Walker

Mapping practitioners approaches to running-related injury (RRI) prevention and management and their views on a proposed digital RRI intervention